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On Sunday May 19th in the privacy of my backyard with caterers, florists, hostesses, a band, photographer, and some phenomenal women, I hosted a brunch that I titled a Success Brunch. I hand picked 28 strong successful women that have been either inspirational, supportive, encouraging or just a plain ole great person to me, to come have brunch and celebrate a new beginning and a whole new life. I stood in front of 28 women and was very transparent about personal issues that I have endured since moving back to Memphis from California. Issues like having  half my belongings being stole from my California apartment to having my biggest real estate investment burn in flames killing my tenant leaving me with no income for months. So you wander whats the new beginning, well after all that misfortune (most not disclosed) God decided that it was time for his child to reap the benefits of all the hard work and tribulations I have been through for the last 4 years, and because I have vowed to not be so open with my social networks anymore, lets just say my payroll checks have commas-commas in them and they come twice a month and I still get the chance to be home with my daughters and my new grandbaby :) In return for what God has done for me, I have committed to give thanks for the next 30 days of any small to huge thing I can think of to be grateful for, so some of you probably have been seeing my FB post of the #30daysofthanks and I have asked all the women in attendance to join in with me and deposit thanks into a jar that I presented to each woman at the Brunch . The jar is clear and at the end of the 30 days the jar will be full and if at any time they or I should feel hopeless, depress, sad, or worried, we can look at the jar and remember how good God has been to us and rejoice. I encourage you to do the same, we are on Day 8.

A special thanks to the ladies that joined me and the ones that couldn’t especially my bff in Atlanta, I love you girl, my cousin Christina in St Louis a real boss, Marcia in Miami for those long convos :)  and to that special guy that made all this come to life, hmph, my my my….so ladies remember this “Girls compete with one another, but Women encourage one another. Let’s start supporting each other more and giving helping hands to our sisters, we are in this thang called life together!

Success is not a destination, its a Journey and I am on it! Cheers!


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20121102-131437.jpgNot that I don’t believe in networking events, I just haven’t been a fan of them, and especially in Memphis. I am constantly invited to participate in afterwork networking, networking fairs, network groups and I respectfully decline them all. Here’s why, being in the South people tend to be crabs in a bucket even at a “networking” event. Case in example, I’m at an event and meet the HR Director of a local organization, so we exchange cards. I follow up with an email then a phone call, you know to break the ice, start a relationship, but this person acts as if she never met me. So when I started seeing her out at other upscale events I would just speak. Then all of a sudden she suddenly remembers she met me a while back, come on $&@* really? But I go along with it, and guess what, we’re associates now, I got her cell number, she has mine, but did I accomplish this at a networking event, hell no, I did it because of my so called status or affiliations.

I think networking takes place at places and times that are not labeled “networking”. Case in example Black Girls Rock Memphis event, it was not a networking event, but networking took place because people wanted to know how to get tickets or wanted to know more about the women involved or our Sponsors. Let me further elaborate, last night while talking to one of my good friends who is the Director of Operations of a well-known organization here in Memphis, we were talking about next years Black Girls Rock event, and she didn’t realize that Wrapzody was owned by a black female, she instantly stated that she wanted to work with her on catering their daily lunches. I connected the two together. Bam! Networking! Not at an event, not at a fair, just plain ole girlfriend talk, and that my friends are how contracts, deals, and money are made. It starts with one word, relationships.

So shout out to the both of them for a win/win situation, and as for me I felt good because I simply made the connection and didn’t deter one from the other, by speaking negatively.

In the coming weeks, I will be putting together a group of women who are in the business of uplifting, encouraging, befriending, and helping other women, no red tape, just women doing what we do from grassroots to CEO levels! If I have came across you at anytime, you will be receiving an invite from me to join our circle. In the meantime, if you have the opportunity to connect women, refer women, speak positive about women, take a pledge to do so, because Karma is a bitch, good or bad :)

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This was so unbelievable good, Five-Star dining ain’t got nothing on me!

Steak Frites

Ribeye Steak
Whole Peppercorns (medley)
Steak Seasoning
3 Shallots
3 cloves of garlic
Fresh thyme
Red Wine
Red Wine again for drinking :)
Heavy Cream
Shoestring Fries (fresh or frozen)
Shredded Parmesan / Asiago cheese
Garlic Salt – California blend
Minced garlic from the jar
Sea Salt to taste

*I don’t use measurements, I eyeball and taste to measure, sorry*

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I heard this story before but today on one of my recent visits to see my Life Coach aka my Therapist, he told it to me again, so I thought I would share it with you, it 2,000% confirmed what I had been thinking,  so maybe it will help you.

One day a farmer found an eagle’s egg and thinking it one of his chicken’s eggs, placed it in a nest in his chicken coop. The egg hatched and the baby eagle grew up thinking that he was a chicken. The farmer raised the eagle as a chicken, although the eagle looked different and had the heart of an eagle, he thought of himself as a chicken but something like a black sheep of the chickens. The eagle did what the chickens did. He clucked, he pecked and even scratched the dirt for seeds and worms and never flew more than a few feet because this is what chickens did. [click to continue…]

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Is K Michelle lying to us….She bet not be, I invited her to Rock with us for the Black Girls Rock Mansion Party this Friday, being she is from Memphis and all. Not only that, I finally gave in to getting non-sense cable just so I could watch the show that filled my Facebook newsfeed with juicy gossip every Monday. I really began to feel sorry for her and I jumped on the “hate Rasheeda” bandwagon, and now this??? Come on, K…show us the evidence you spoke about in the show, don’t let this be another reality scam….please please pretty please.

Well this is what I found today, according to very resourceful blogsite

Here’s the Press Release to formally file federally charges against VH-1 and the Love and Hip-Hop Atlanta Creators……

Atlanta, GA-September 4, 2012-Mickey Wright, Jr. p/k/a “MeMpHiTz”, is filing a federal lawsuit against the creators and producers of the popular VH-1 reality television show “Love And Hip Hop: Atlanta.”

Attorneys Conti J. Moore, Esq. of Conti Moore Law, PLLC and Alcide L. Honoré, Esq. of Hooper & Honoré, LLC, are representing Mr. Wright. He is filing suit against the following entities: Viacom International, Inc.; NFGTV, Inc.; and Monami Entertainment, LLC.

Wright is suing the named Defendants for approximately one dollar per viewer per show for damages that stem from the defamatory statements and denigrating actions of cast member Kimberly Michelle Pate p/k/a “K. Michelle”.

According to Attorney Conti J. Moore, Esq., whose practice is based in Orlando, Florida, “Ms. Pate has taken full advantage of society’s tendency to accept claims of domestic violence as always being true, even in the absence of proof. The only abuse that actually occurred is the malicious and calculated pattern of vicious lies Ms. Pate has assailed for the purpose of fabricating a compelling story line in an attempt to ruin my client’s name.”

Atlanta based Attorney Alcide L. Honoré, Esq. maintains that, “even the most ridiculous statements when repeated frequently become true in the minds of many. Ms. Pate’s preposterous claims, which include allegations that Mr. Wright mismanaged funds and caused her career to ‘flop’, have been adopted as truth by many followers of the popular VH-1 reality series.”

Wright maintains that the suit is not about revenge but is instead about defending himself and his professional reputation from the malicious false and misleading statements made about him on the popular VH-1 reality show.

“My family and I have suffered tremendously while VH-1, Monami Ent., and the other companies provided a worldwide platform for K. Michelle to repeatedly assassinate my character. The filing of this suit is to compensate for the irreparable damage that has been done to my reputation and to deter these companies from doing such future harm to others.”

“Domestic violence is an issue of serious nature, often having grave consequences for true victims with whom we all sympathize. However, it is unconscionable for one to play on the sympathies of the masses by levying false accusations of such heinous acts against an innocent party, simply for the sake of entertainment or for purported career advancement. After reviewing the evidence in this matter, we are prepared to litigate this case to the fullest extent of the law to seek justice for our client and to restore his name and professional reputation.” Moore & Honore

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I thought it may be quite appropriate to define what RSVP means to some that may not know, I know I know I know, most people that I associate with either being Facebook, Twitter, or Linkedin should already be informed, but over the last couple of weeks I have found out just the opposite. Ok here we go……If you get an invitation from someone and you see the letters RSVP aneeeeewhere on the invite, this is what you do……….simply respond to tell the Host, that you are a courteous person and if you are plan on coming or not, simple, that’s it, you don’t even need a degree to do it! [click to continue…]


“The finale of The Hangover will be hitting theaters next May, and although it’s almost a full year away, we get a look at this teaser logo for the 3rd movie in the trilogy. We see a howling wolf serving as a symbol for Alan’s “Wolf Pack” and its standing over ‘H3.’” (

Although the author, Nick Estrada, of the above paragraph was tired at the second Hangover, I can’t get enough! Alan is freakin hilarious!!! My favorite scene was from part 2 at the Police Station “fat Jesus” ROFTLMBO. I can’t wait until 3 is out, just as I do with Sex and the City, I will round up all my friends bar hop and end up laughing at the wolf pack and their wild adventures!

What’s your favorite scene? Your thoughts……


Haters, hate on!

August 5, 2012

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I tried to ignore the fact, that some ghetto ass folks that probably can’t even spell Olympic are making stupid comments about a 16 year old hair. So since her mother came to her defense I will too, Gabby, you know you are a success when you have many haters, and when you pick up that $90 mil check you probably will get some more, so however you decide to wear your hair, long, short, natural, pressed or curly, do your thang girlfriend, I love and honor what you did for my 16 year old and other young blacks girls around the world…xoxo

Listen to Gabby’s Mom about her daughter’s hair

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Once a crackhead, a prostitute and homeless, Get it Girl has been transformed, or should I say turned around by the grace of God to her once before namesake Jacqueline Phillips. I say congrats and May all your days be bright! Gone Girl!!!! 

Watch her touching story



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When I called my good friend Kevin, owner of K Jay’s Liquor Store to setup my “borrow some liquor account”…see the way my account is set up, I’m on borrow status…sniff, sniff, lol. He told me that this week he had something real different for me and it would make my photo shoot somethin like Foxy Brown. He said that he had some AK-47s that I could borrow, I said “AK-47s” he said, “yea” imagine you laying on the couch looking all sexy with the AK-47 in your lap, or better yet, “you could get 3 of your friends, and yall could be Charlie’s Angels” I was like ok KJ, just have what I ordered ready so I can get back home. Well when I walked into the store, [click to continue…]